ValiantMedia was established in 2014 as a production house for all manner of digital creations. Our key services include web design, custom development and WordPress consulting.

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Web Design

Launching a new site? Need your existing site reimagined? We can make it beautiful.

Online Marketing

Looking to increase traffic? Want a better conversion rate? We can optimize every aspect.

Custom Development

Feeling like your dream is just out of reach? Struggling to make the tech work? We can build it.

WordPress Consulting

Need advice on a big internal project? Not sure what direction to take? We know the path forward.


Our desire as a business can be summed up in three words: Maximizing online presence. This doesn't mean expanding into every possible channel, but implementing a rather focused strategy. We seek to eliminate what is unnecessary, shutting down the noise, while identifying key channels and opportunities. With clearly defined business goals, we can design and build technology based systems in fulfillment of those goals, then refine them for maximum effectiveness. What if your use of technology wasn't another source of friction, but a seamless natural part of your business? We can help with this.


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